In academic writing, there are things that students are supposed to get right from the onset and they include being able to come up with a good topic which at the end of the day, would be the foundation upon which a masterpiece is built. Topic or title remains a key prospect in academic writing because, without it, there would certainly be nothing to write about. For most students, coming up with a topic is never a big challenge. However, you need to look into whether your topic is creatively done or not. This is all about taking into account just how much creativity you have invested in coming up with a title which in itself is a recipe for flawless and seamless writing thereof. At the high school level, this is probably one of the aspects of writing essays. Students are advised to invest much time in this, so that once they start writing, what is seen is a flow of thoughts in a very coherent manner.

Well, closely linked to topic creation is the subject matter. Take a case in point of sports and narrow it down to the sporting activity known as cricket. There are countries that are renowned champions when it comes to playing crickets but this should not be a hindrance to your writing if even you don’t understand what cricket is all about. If for anything, there are so many places on the web where you can always check and get all the necessary information you may need regarding crickets. In this post, we help high school students get started on their writing journey by listing a few relevant topics on the sport.

  • Write an essay about your favourite cricket player
  • Write an essay analyzing the most interesting cricket match you watched recently
  • A comparative article of cricket in India and Pakistan
  • An information article detailing what the game of cricket is all about
  • A comparative analysis of the game of cricket and football in India
  • The rules involves in playing the game of cricket. Write a strong analysis essay on this topic
  • The history of crickets in the world of sporting.
  • An essay on the future of crickets in the face of competition from other popular sporting activities like football

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A Collection Of Relevant High School Essay Topics On Cricket

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