When you are asked to narrate an incident that happened to you, you feel special and distinct despite the trauma you may have just survived. The narrative essay has such a paraphernalia around it; the power to captivate the audience in first person.

Selection of topics

You should first make it a point to choose topics that you can do justice to. You should neither pick too technical a topic or grace topics that are too frivolous. The emphasis should be on topics that are relevant to a larger stratum.

Personal treatment

Secondly, your treatment should be too personal, so that readers can automatically identify with the crux. If the piece is about molestation, the reader should assume it is him or her who is being molested through the piece. This requires personable writing.

Understanding the topic

Thirdly, you should be versed with the nuances of the topical theme. You should not get into a topic you only know superficially of. It is necessary to gather as much information as possible so you can proceed with a raised head.

Emergence of feeling

Fourthly, you should be in a position to tweak the narrative in the direction of where you desire to head. It may be towards a hell-hole or a solution. It may be towards displaying the abject harshness of a reality. That feeling should be evocatively put.

Sequential progression

Fifthly, you should go sequentially almost as life goes. The incidences should create the milestones almost as a metaphor for life. You should intelligently emphasize on the more fetching events or incidences and bring them to view with a perceptive definition.

Try to be human

Lastly, you should act human in the piece. You can always turn into a supernatural power considering it is only a narrative. This will however defeat the identification-aspect of readers. Let the narrative emerge as a real-life occurrence.

Meanwhile, here are 10 exciting narrative essay topics to cherish from the paper editing service professionals –

  1. How I ended up as prisoner of war
  2. How I realized I had it in me to crack the MBA exam
  3. How I took my start-up to dizzying heights
  4. How I conquered my dread of math
  5. The story of my life: How I kidnapped the girl and then got changed
  6. My experience as a passenger of a hijacked plane
  7. How I learnt to cook
  8. How I got my first royal beating
  9. How I met a violent hardliner and changed his mind
  10. How I won with fate and lost to reality
A List Of Interesting Narrative Essay Topics To Consider

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