Leadership is the quality of an individual where they affect the activities of other individuals to a large scale. The managing individual affects the motivation level, confidence, and zeal of his subordinates to a high scale. In cases of leadership, not only the chief but all his subordinates work towards the same sphere to achieve their common goal.

When the students are asked to write an English essay on leadership, they should follow these simple and golden steps of writing, featured at https://writemyessay.today/. Check them out!

  • Planning: Before you start writing, plan your content. Take at least 10 minutes to think. This is the most significant chunk of time that can frame a beautiful and influential piece of article.
  • Read the topic: Leadership is the major area of focus and you can begin your writing with either an attractive quotation or with an influential question.
  • Brainstorm: At this point, you should convey all the important points to your reader. Focus on the topic “Role of a leader” in detail. Talk about personal heroes and their achievements. You can also differentiate between the forgotten heroes and the cherished heroes. Highlight a historical figure that faced challenges and fought bravely.
  • Outline: Create a rough sketch
  • Introduction: It should begin with an engaging sentence. Write a temporary introduction and modify it in the later stages after you have finished writing.
  • Body: It should be minimally of 3 paragraphs. Discuss the major points along the evidences. Talk about national and international leaders. You can also discuss leaders on a small scale like schools, colleges, offices, or government organizations. Talk about their significance in terms of the development of society, boosting the impetus, and bringing a major revolution in society.
  • Conclusion: Summarize the chief arguments and state your last thought around the topic.
  • Write the essay- Spend at least 15 minutes in writing the entire essay. Focus on the composition and allot 2-3 minutes on each paragraph.
  • Hook your audience through introduction: Begin with a personal example or a provocative quotation, a vivid anecdote or a thought provoking question.
  • Write body with at least 3 paragraphs: In this, you can pick a successful leader and discuss his early stages of success, struggles in career, and later stages of life.
  • Summarize or conclude: Never introduce any new ideas or arguments in this section. Instead restate the chief points here.
  • Edit your writing: Proofread your composition for punctuations, spellings or grammar related errors.
An Easy Way To Complete An English Essay About Leadership

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