When you write a composition, no matter the topic, the structure or the length, you have to create an outline first. In this way you will be sure that your ideas are arranged in a certain order, and that you don’t forget to mention the most important issue in the text. Even more than this, you will write the essay much faster, because you will not have to think about “Should I put this quote in the beginning, or at the end?”. You need to create an outline for a persuasive essay? Here is how to do it:

  • Find the main topic. Before you can build the outline you need to find a topic that is interesting not only for you, but also for your colleagues. Besides, you need to really believe in this idea if you want to convince your teacher and classmates to consider your opinion. Make as much research as you can, try to find out all the details about the issue and, of course, make sure that you bring something new to the table and you don’t talk about things that everyone knows already.
  • Select the most important ideas and write them down separately. After you’ve done your research you will have to select the ideas that you want to mention in your composition. To make things easier for you, write them down separately on a paper.
  • Arrange the ideas in a logic and chronologic order. Once you have all the ideas that you want you have to arrange them in good way, just to make sure that everything makes sense for the reader.
  • Divide the ideas in chapters. You will need to have a few chapters no matter how long your composition will be, and each chapter needs to contain at least a major point for your composition. In the end you will have to name each chapter and to make sure that the name is relevant and connected to what you wrote in it.
  • Write the text following the outline. This should not take more than a few hours, especially if you paid attention to what you did until now. Remember that you need to bring good arguments and evidence if you want to support your opinion, and you need to explain in good way every aspect of the topic.
Quick Tips On How To Write A Persuasive Essay Outline

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